Preventative Maintenance Contracts

County Pumps were the first fuel pump maintenance service providers to recognise the importance of preventative maintenance servicing. With over 40 years of trading experience the preventative maintenance Service Contract has been developed and adapted to build on customer relationships, giving the complete package to meet individual customer fuel installation needs.

Breakdown response is always needed for emergencies but would you be happy for an engineer to fix a leaking hose and then find you needed a further callout within a couple of days for a frayed belt.  This not only increases pump ‘down time’ but greatly increases operational costs.

Recognising that preventative maintenance servicing gives everyone the facts they need, we have a structured comprehensive list of checks paramount to the pump and tank operation.  It gives the opportunity for a fully documented factual ‘MOTstyle’ report to give detailed information on each piece of equipment fitted.  With technology advancement and legislative changes over the years, inspections are constantly being reviewed and adapted to give each site the comprehensive health check.

Preventative Maintenance
Benefits included in the service contract package
  • Fixed price including all travelling and labour – no hidden charges
  • National coverage at set rates
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance visits to each site (visits per year to be agreed)
  • No payment up front, you only pay when a service visit is made (VAT invoice raised on completion)
  • Over 120 items included on a comprehensive check list
    ‘MOT’ style report form completed by experienced engineer on site
  • Customer has complete control of spending – no parts fitted at time without prior authorisation
  • Full support from office team where extensive information and photographs are held on each service customer
Some of the checks included on each inspection
  • Calibration check with Weights and Measures standard test measure, to ensure pumps issuing in line with figures being recorded
  • Register drums/ LCD displays working and recording correctly
  • Register reset and totaliser working /recording
  • Wear on pump components
  • Evidence of weeping or leakage from pump components
  • On/off switches and linkages working satisfactorily
  • Delivery hoses in good condition
  • Nozzles, swivels and safety breaks working okay /any signs of wear/leakage
  • Belts/pulleys working /in alignment
  • Clean filters, report on excessive build-up and general condition of mesh
  • Product identification and labelling
  • General condition of tank surface
  • Bund design and in good condition
  • Liquids present in bund (fuel/water identified)
  • Dipping tank/fuel for water content
  • Dipping tank for evidence of sludge build-up
  • Gauges/dipsticks operational and in ood condition
  • Alarms fitted, working and in good condition
  • Fill point, with connections and caps satisfactory
  • Suction line visually in good condition/ no evidence of leaking
  • Valves operating correctly, handles okay
  • Vents clear and in good condition
  • Installation compliance with latest DEFRA andPPGguidelines