Fuel Management Systems

County Pumps always look to work in partnership with fuel management manufacturers that can offer the complete package, with hardware installation carried out by our engineers and the assurance that full software, hosting and support is available from the manufacturers.

Accountability of fuel is paramount to any business and the installation of a fuel management system gives complete reassurance that every litre of fuel is recorded.
Systems can vary from a basic control system using a vehicle or driver key, with the amount of fuel issued allocated by time, date and vehicle/driver on the stock reports.  This can remain a fairly basic record or can be integrated into a more sophisticated software system which offers full software packages either on local software or web ‘hosted’ software packages.  The flexibility on reporting is comprehensive and can link into site or national fleet management systems.

The fuel monitoring system can be mounted directly adjacent to an existing pump or can be supplied as integral part of a new pump system.  When a driver uses a designated key, card or fob, the vehicle and/or driver is identified and the pump allows a vehicle to refuel and register the volume dispensed.  This provides the security to ensure authorised vehicles can refuel only.
Retrieval of the information can be via USB downloads from the control system on the island, hardwiring to an office PC or data transfer via a GPRS data sim through Windows software.