Every Drop Counts – Fuel Calibration

With the increasing pressures of fuel costs, it’s even more important to make every litre count.

Does your diesel pump actually issue what it records?

With manual figures or fuel management systems, the figures will only be as good as the pump fitted.  Varying ranges of equipment, from flowmeters (accuracy +/- 2%) to calibrated meters (+/- 0.5%), W&M’s equipment, direct drive or air separated units (alleviating air), all effect how accurate the recording shows.

The pump meter gives a measure of fuel and drives the register to record fuel issued.  Regular checks are needed to ensure ‘true’ figures are recorded.  Weights and Measures calibrated measures are used to ‘test a measure’ against fuel drawn.  A 20L certified measure checked against a registered 20L, enables a millimetre scale reading of plus /minus to be checked against ‘strike’ measure.  Within +/- 50ml on 20L, is to W&M tolerances.  Recalibration is required outside this.

Prudent regular maintenance, recommended every six months, enables the fuel calibration to be kept as accurate as possible.

Key facts:

A 20L measure giving a discrepancy of +200ml, would give a loss of 10L in every    1000L shown on the register.

With a site usage of 15,000L per week, over 52 weeks, this would give a fuel loss of 5,875L.

The benefits of fuel calibration checks quickly become essential to any part of your operation.  With fuel costs spiralling and potential environmental concerns for  accountable losses, FUEL is one of biggest areas we need to address.


Are your pumps checked and working for you.  No matter what model pump or FM system, we can ensure the equipment is doing ‘what it says on the tin’.  34 years experience in the petroleum industry, with all engineers directly employed by County Pumps, we can offer support on all models of pumps. Engineers carry certified measures and can sort out the problem the same day.

We currently work for a number of the largest Transport firms in the UK and can offer a ‘ONE STOP’ complete package, covering the UK, offering advice on servicing, gauging, tanks, regular testing and upgrades, ensuring only the best product for the job.

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