Storage Tank Cleaning

Diesel and oil tanks naturally have a build-up of residual sludge and dirt over a period of time and do need to be considered for cleaning internally on a regular basis.

County Pumps have a team of experienced engineers who can undertake preparation works and internal cleaning on above and below ground tank installations, all to the latest H&S guidelines and waste disposal regulations.  Certificates issued on completion.

The storage tank holds the bulk fuel and any sediment and dirt will naturally settle to the bottom of the cleaner fuel.  The suction draw off pipe is set approx 50/75mm off the bottom of the tank to offer some protection against particles being drawn through, but over a period of time these accumulate and sludge/ dirt particles form a layer on the tank surfaces.  The fuel pump and installation filters will block more quickly and if you should draw low on fuel, this problem can prevent the pump from issuing completely.  Where fuel usage is high, an average recommended period for tank cleaning would be every three to four years.  On lower usage sites, this can be reviewed at five to six year intervals.

With the introduction of bio-diesel fuel however, this naturally gives increased dirt particles in the fuel and has the ability to hold water suspended in the fuel mix, giving ambient conditions for bacterial growth.  This requires more careful monitoring and maintenance and the need for cleaning accelerated.  Fuel conditioners and varying types of absorbent filters are available to help minimise the impact on fuel passing to vehicles, but some of customer sites using bio mix fuel up to 30/40%, have resulted in annual or two yearly cleaning programmes being undertaken.

County Pumps preventative maintenance servicing ensures the complete installation is checked on a regular basis, with installation and pump filters checked and cleaned.  A report on our findings is made on completion of each visit and we will liaise regularly with customers to discuss any sludge build-up being heavier or more frequent.

We can help to keep you on the road.  Please ring our offices on 01295 780746 for further information.