Below Ground Tank Testing

The Vacutect™ Test

The Vacutect™ test creates a partial vacuum inside the tank and monitors specific changes using sophisticated software and diagnostic test probe. Test data is relayed to a skilled technician for analysis in fully equipped, mobile test vehicle. The vacuum test draws air into the tank with the probe recording and interpreting the unique bubble signature. The probe also monitors any water ingress to give precise, conclusive results.

  • The tank(s) can be tested on fuel levels between 5% and 95% of capacity.
  • Two tanks can be tested simultaneously.
  • Costs and inconvenience reduced.
  • No system shutdown.
  • Less site downtime.


BASEEFA certificate No. EX91C2432X/1- Intrinsic Safety Standard EExia 11CT4

Additional Information

A fuel delivery must be received into a tank for testing at least 24 hours prior to the proposed test time. This enables any fuel to settle adequately for accurate readings to be taken. Ideal test conditions would also request a pump drawing from the tank to be left for a 2 hour period prior to test start time.

Recommended Test Schedule Timetable:

Below Ground Tanks: Maximum period every 3 years