Fuel Monitoring Systems 

Monitoring Overview

Fuel monitoring by use of a good Fuel Management system is to ensure every litre of your fuel is accounted for. Systems can vary from a simple logging of the fuel used by each driver or vehicle to a sophisticated model showing fuel tank contents,mpg for each vehicle, opening security  gates to specified vehicle numbers and much more.

The fuel monitoring system is either mounted directly on top of the pump, or on a free-standing pedestal adjacent. When a driver inserts his designated key, swipe card or fob, the amount of fuel drawn registers against it. Retrieval of the information via a management key is available daily, weekly or monthly either by print-out or LCD display. Data recorded shows time, date and amount of fuel used, plus vehicle MPG.

Data-Transfer Kits


Information from an island-based unit can be retrieved by using a data-key and a kit coupled to a computer. No modem line or extra cabling is required, providing a more economical method of P.C. retrieval.

PC Linked Systems

This is a link either by telephone modem line/GSM, between the island unit and a site P.C., or
by a clean hardware datacable between the computer and the fuel island. This gives software and reporting options on fuel recording.

It can use either an existing compatible computer or have a new P.C. included in the price.