Products & Services

Pipework Modifications

Do your pumps need re-siting? Will that entail changing the pipe work between pumps and tanks?CountyPumpscarries out every type of modification, replacement or new pipe work runs both below and above ground, steel or UPP. We would be happy to arrange site visits to discuss particular needs.

Calibration / Discrepancies

Fuel calibration is paramount for reconciling figures, any discrepancies can cost accumulate to large money loss but can also be traced to leakage or theft if not regularly checked.

Call us in to check your pump measures for recalibration needs and in conjunction we can check your dipsticks, tank gauges and fuel water content. To completely eliminate any further worries, tests on your tanks and/or pipe work can also be included.

All County Pumps engineers carry certified measures to weights and measures calibration standards. Certificates can be provided where required.

 Fuel is expensive – make sure you know where every drop is going!

Spare Parts

We carry a good stock of general spares for the majority of the leading commercial model pumps enabling each service visit to offer a complete repair in one visit.

Available to order are: Fuel monitoring keys and fobs, dipsticks, tank gauges, overfill prevention valves, Hoses, Nozzles,  Breakaways, Labels, belts etc.

All spares available either by dispatch or fitted upon request.

Site Surveys

Site surveys are carried out and a report provided. A small cost is made but is fully refundable if proceeding with an order. The survey will be customised to your requirements, from very basic to highly detailed.