In these current times of economic hardship, both personal and in business. It is with dismay that on reading a recent industry related article, that companies are truly ‘cutting corners’ to save money. Which is totally understandable, unless the short term saving could cost them a lot more in the long run, and not just financially but also reputation.

I’m sure lots of business managers are being asked to look at all overheads and to cut them wherever possible.

One service that has been hit hard is that of ‘routine maintenance’ on site equipment, this could range from coffee machines right through to major mechanical/industrial equipment.

But in my opinion that is a mistake. Because waiting for something to go wrong rather than looking to avoid it is an accident waiting to happen.

For example a  sites major storage vessel’s regular maintenance is cancelled, and the relevant parties only realise they have a problem when the Enviromental Agency knock on their door. To advise them that the local water course has been badly polluted, by a leak from their tank. They would then ask for relevant maintenance records, and when they could not be provided, it would ‘seal’ the sites fate. Huge fines could be made of thousands of pounds , all due to cancelling routine visits that cost a few hundred.

And then on top of that if the local media or industry publications were to get hold of the ‘story’ it could make the situation even worse.

So please, before making short term cost savings, think of the long term financial/reputation implications.

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