There has been a significant rise in fuel theft across the industry and the criminals are getting braver and taking more risks to not only target vehicles

Tanks positioned near boundary fences are being targeted, with draw off hoses being placed in spare ports or through tank top hatches to access diesel directly from your bulk tank.  Significant volumes can be lost in an overnight hit, leaving customers with the task of not only having to source a quick delivery replacement to keep their operation moving, but the headache of accountability to prove exact volumes of fuel loss, to recoup monies.  but bulk storage tanks at depots.

Insurance premiums will then rise and a second hit is experienced.

Some smaller installation precautions may just stop the opportunist thief making your site the next target.

One of our leading customers in the south east had a number of depots targeted and significant fuel loss was experienced over a week long period.  Thieves had accessed a spare gauge port on the tank top to drop a hose line into the unit and 30,000 litres of fuel was siphoned from the tank in an overnight operation.  A repeated theft was made at another depot for the same company within a couple of days and another attempt at the first tank was made again.

Surveys were carried out by our tank fabrication engineer and any vulnerable tank top ports or access manways assessed and quoted for preventative works to be carried out.  Some reduction in inlet sizes were made where access gauges or alarm cables had to remain, minimising the entry port size even if the thieves try to remove.  Remaining open ports were capped or plugged and spot welding was undertaken.  Tank access manway bolts were spot welded at intervals to prevent removal.

No further loss has been experienced to date and we hope to have saved the sites from further disruption.  If given the time, every tank has vulnerable points for criminals, but reduce the ease of access and your tank will be bypassed for the next easier target.

Any advice or assistance on your installation can be offered.  Please ring our offices and with the site information and photographs we hold, we will offer you the best help for your site set-up.

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